Island Breeze
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Walking into Island Breeze Tanning is a bit like walking out of the tempestuous Georgia weather and into a beach resort. Time and cares sort of slip off your shoulders as you walk through the door.

One deep breath delicately scented by the unmistakable smells of tanning oils completes your transition for a quick trip to the the tropics without ever having to leave Grayson, GA. 

island breeze 190Left: Dawn and Tony at the Pura booth

Co-owners, Tony Paskon and Dawn Mulkey, welcome clients with a genuine smile that shows their many years of committed customer service. “Dawn and I both enjoy providing a great customer service experience,” says Tony. “It is what sets our business apart from others.” Providing a fair value, clean facility, and a friendly environment is key to their business. “Obviously, tanning should be comfortable,” says Tony. “People come here to relax and shut out their worries.” 

Island Breeze is the home to one of two Pura® sunless tanning booths in all of Georgia. The booths are designed for a natural glow with customization for every skin tone and long lasting results. “We have folks who drive more than 45 miles to use our Pura® booth,” says Dawn. “It is a great way to get an overall tan.” 

In addition to the Pura option, Island Breeze offers 7 beds for a more traditional tanning experience. “We keep them extremely clean,” says Dawn. “We monitor each client for time and skin care while they are tanning.” Providing options with above-average customer service is at the heart of owning a business that is not just an investment. “We are here, serving our clients, not just hiring people to mind the store,” says Dawn. “Sunless tanning is becoming more popular and our Pura Clear goes to an individual's tone...not just “paint” them, so it is also less likely to turn orange.” According to Dawn the process evens skin tones in ALL nationalities.    “You are unique….so is your tone.” says Dawn. “The Pura Spa also brightens (illuminates) for those who don't want a tan and as well for the winter months.”

Bridal parties, graduation, prom, vacations, and weddings are all reasons clients come to Island Breeze for a uniform tanned appearance. “It is good to get a base tan going for summer or a trip so you don’t burn,” says Dawn. “Here, we can monitor the time you tan.” 

Having been in the business for more than 20 years, Tony and Dawn take pride in catering to the specific needs of their clients. “We are educated in the business,” says Tony. “We are careful about working with clients, customizing the proper lotions for the stage they are at in tanning.” Dawn and Tony also caution and teach younger clients on how to care for their skin and protect it. 

From the moment a client walks through the doors of Island Breeze, Tony and Dawn provide personal customer service for a great tanning experience. Whether it is a single client who is ready to escape to the warmth of the beach for a brief, but rejuvenating break or a party preparing for a special occasion, Island Breeze is the perfect kiss of the sun. 

For more information: 678-353-6552