The Ice Man... Stone Mountain Ice
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Reminiscent of days past, ice is still a “hot” commodity during the days of summer in the South. For Perry Eidson, providing ice for a variety of concerts, festivals, relays, and events has become a full time, mostly weekend, job. “I love it,” says Perry.

“It is wonderful to be at all these events and seeing all sorts of people enjoying food, fun, entertainment, and ice-cold drinks.”

With the signature “Twice the Ice” logo on huge parking lot units, one in Snellville and the other in Lilburn, you might imagine Perry spending lots of time on the road. While he does spend a great deal of his time making certain that his event customers remain cool, the machines are controlled by his phone. “It's important to make sure people are able to get fresh ice that doesn't have to have the bag thrown on the ground and get it at a great price.  I can take usage data, monitor any alarm statuses, turn a machine on or off, and even set a “free ice” time period,” says Perry. “Being able to do that allows me to attend to the functions I am working and still make sure there is ice available 24 hours per day.”

ice2190Picture (left) Perry Eidson, owner of Stone Mountain Ice, delivering ice to an event.

His work at those functions are what have propelled Perry into being the “go-to guy” for ice. He not only delivers trailers filled with fresh ice, but he also sticks around to make certain that all participants have plenty of ice on hand at their vendor booths. “My white hair and beard make me stand out in a crowd so the vendors can see me,” says Perry. “All they have to do is signal how many bags they need and I bring it to them fresh; that way, there is very little wasted due to melting.” One of the most important reasons for fresh ice are the lemonades. “Nobody wants watery lemonade,” says Perry. “That is their livelihood and I make sure the ice is up to the best standards in any situation.”

Perry has many regular customers and loves to attend Relay for Life, Snellville Town Green Events, Grayson’s Brews and Blues just to name a few. “I get to attend events all over the county and really, all over the Metro area. I love people,” says Perry. “Being outside with my community is plenty of fun...I like to talk with people and this is where you find them.” And people like to talk with Perry. He is capable of carrying on a conversation about veterans while keeping his eyes on the beer coolers and monitoring the ice flow via his phone on machines several miles away.

While the times have changed with regard to the technology that brings us ice, the need for that ice and the community events that demand it have changed very little. When Southerners need to cool off with an ice cold beverage, Perry the Iceman is on hand to make certain that the ice is fresh and plentiful.

For more information contact Stone Mountain Ice at or call 404-496-8545 for Twice The Ice!