Take me out to the ball game
By Christine Martinello

What’s better than going to a baseball game in the summertime? Going to a game, watching three religious men sing the National Anthem and support a great cause.   

It’s a classic American summertime tradition.   Hanging out with friends and family, rooting for the home team and enjoying some peanuts or a hot dog. 

The opening of the June 20th game will be extra special as 3 religious leaders from Prince of Peace Catholic church start the festivities off by singing the National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.  Move over ‘3 Tenors’ because the 3 religious are moving in and they are; Fr. Eric Hill, Fr. Luis Alvarez and Deacon Nick Johnson.  This night will prove to be a fun family evening and a time to support the Catholic community at Coolray Field.

Come on out and root, root, root for the whole team.  The event is sponsored by Carrie Rebisa, a member of Prince of Peace Church and the Knights of Columbus.  Proceeds will benefit ‘Amigos for Christ’.  

The game is on Sat. June 20th @ 7:05 pm.  Stadium gates open at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $12 each and parking is $5.  Group seating is available until June 6th.  

Group seating now available for pre-order through June 6th!

To order tickets or for any questions please contact Robbie Lloyd (404) 391-0743 or via e-mail: Robert@rlcominc.com