Gwinnett Fire "harvests" 95-foot ladders to cut costs

Lawrenceville, Ga – Commissioners agreed recently to spend $2.07 million in SPLOST funds to buy two new ladder trucks used to provide elevated streams of water for firefighting and to gain access to tall buildings.

ladder truck190The trucks will have new engines, drivetrains, chassis and body but will be equipped with refurbished 95-foot ladders taken from two older units that are due for replacement. Both old units, from 1994 and 2004, were on reserve status because of high maintenance costs.

The manufacturer, Sutphen Corp., will provide warranty coverage for 20 years on the structure plus two years on the aerial assembly, chassis and body. Cost savings total about $135,000 compared to buying two all new units.

This marks the second time Gwinnett Fire and Emergency Services has saved money by harvesting the ladder and aerial platform assembly from an old truck and mounting it on a new one. Fire Chief Case Snyder said, “Besides the obvious cost savings, we also benefit by using these aerial ladder platforms longer since we’re already familiar with their history and maintenance. Our first test of the idea a few years ago was a huge success, and we hope to do the same with two more units that are due for replacement by 2018.”