The popular Lawrenceville restaurant, Local Republic, will be moving from the current location on West Crogan to a building that the owners, Ben Bailey and Chris Collin recently acquired at 139 N Perry St. The move is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

“We're spilling over into the street at our current spot and the small space has always had limitations for us and our guests,” says Bailey. “We have one of the best burgers in the south and our guests, including ourselves, would love to see fries on the menu. We are excited we get to do that in the new spot.”



The new space is being designed by ai3, notable for restaurants Holeman & Finch Public House and Miller Union, amongst others. The restaurant will feature a craft liquor bar, open kitchen with chef's table and a private dining room on the second floor. The front of the building is planned to have a balcony that extends out over the sidewalk and the second floor will open up to create an outdoor eating area with views of the historic Gwinnett Courthouse on the square.

The group states that they will open a new concept in the current West Crogan building, but plans are not concrete. "We are exploring different options and the rumors are already cranking," laughs Bailey, "but we haven't made any solid plans. We want to bring something exciting and diverse to the square."

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