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July 9, 2013

Grayson Rams

Ending on a high note


loraleebeardMy regular visits to Our Gwinnett County School clients leaves me amazed at the level of cleanliness in our schools. Grayson High School, my “home school” is a stellar example. However during our recent time there, the unthinkable happened: no air condition in July. While the county staff scrambled to repair, I thought about ancient times when there was poor air conditioning and cell phones were really large.

Buyer Beware!

Be afraid, be very very afraid! There are so many things that can and will go wrong, home-ownership is filled with problems and unforeseen expenses.  During home-ownership things get neglected, ignored and never fixed or replaced.  The homeowner decides to sell. 

Many homeowners have lawns being overtaken by moss.

Controlling moss in lawns

Many homeowners have lawns being overtaken by moss. Its presence indicates the cultural conditions of the lawn are not appropriate for the growth of a healthy strand of grass. If your lawn has areas with moss, carefully evaluate the site conditions and your turf care practices.

Fire ants can inflict painful stings

Controlling fire ants around home and yard

Anyone who has come into contact with fire ants knows they can inflict painful stings. Sometimes a person can step in a fire ant nest and not even be aware of it until the ants start stinging.

Patricia Dennard working on her degree and finding a job during the day at the Family Promise Day House Computer Lab.

Family Promise

Choosing to share a personal story is sometimes a courageous decision. Homelessness has been a recurring topic in the past several months with a near daily call to attention by various service organizations within Gwinnett County. The reasons vary, sometimes it is a domestic issue, sometimes it is transportation, and sometimes it is illness, but what it rarely seems to be is anything short of a last resort. Leaving your home, your children’s toys, clothes and food behind might seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is real. It is a reality each and every day here in Gwinnett. 

Jon Langston, Hometown country singer

Jon Langston, Hometown country singer

There are a million and one reasons to be “the talk of the town.”  The folks in and around Grayson are talking about Jon Langston, a real hometown celebrity. The reason?