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August 8, 2013

Nancy Powell modeling a colorful palette of memorable costumes.

Mrs. Powell’s colorful closet…


Wearing many hats is sometimes considered a challenge. For teacher and actress, Nancy Powell, wearing many hats is a way to bring learning and characters to life. Many hats and lots of costumes, along with a variety of voices, have allowed the veteran teacher to blend her love of the theater with her love of teaching.

Central Gwinnett High School 2013-2014 Football

One bit of advice


Now that my first batch of grandchildren is embracing the first stirrings of Patriotism, I very recently wrote, directed and produced a 3 act play that lasted under 10 minutes, even counting the 2nd act musical number from”Little Mermaid.” I had standards:

Charlotte Nash, Chairman Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Count on the county

I was pleased when the editors of The Gwinnett Citizen asked me to write a regular column about the county government. As a 27-year employee, I believe I have some relevant experience especially in the financial and budget areas. For the last nine of those years, I served as the appointed County Administrator. After a brief retirement, I became an elected official for the first time in my life, serving as the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners since March 2011.

County government has changed a lot over those years

(L-R): Mike Green, Stephanie Hansford, Mildred Brooks, Dijonae Coleman, and their instructor, Sumere Dole. The person in the helmet is Terry Christopher and between her and Sumere is John Mider. All Photos by Emmett Clower

CEI – Making a difference


Creative Enterprises, Inc. – Making a difference in the lives of our special needs citizens and their families

Bob Hartman’s sister knew her brother had a talent for art but when she encouraged him to attend Creative Enterprises Inc (CEI) for an art program, he balked.