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September 12, 2013

Healthy, Happy Friends – September 2013

Healthy, Happy Friends – September 2013
By Joan Sewell

School seems to have started much earlier this year.  H2U parents and grandparents have seldom celebrated their ice cream social after school has started back. But we did this time.  As usual, it was great fun.

How many of you have received a receipt at a restaurant with a phone number to call and complete a survey?  They always say you might win something, maybe a free desert on your next trip. 

6th annual Rock’n RibVille

6th annual Rock’n RibVille

6th annual Rock’n RibVille

Sixth Annual Rock’n Ribville to Celebrate Georgia Gwinnett College October 5 Local Community Event features 97.1 The River, Local Bands, BBQ and Traditional Fall Festival Activities

Richard Carlin, MD

Optical quality – why does it matter?

Optical quality – why does it matter?
By Richard Carlin, MD

Never before in history has the consumer had so many choices in where to purchase goods and services. From the big box stores to the mom and pop store, from the retail chain store to the internet, choices are seemingly endless. Certainly the optical industry has not escaped this trend. But make no mistake, choice is a good thing.

James Miskell, Attorney at Law

Plan now to ease their burden when you are gone

“Studies show that over half of
Americans do not have a will”

One of the best reasons folks engage in estate planning is to ease the burdens surviving family members will carry in the event of our death.  Any of us who have lost a loved one know that it is a difficult time – full of emotion and sorrow.

Tyler "Toot" Thurmond juggles fire while his father, Joey "Nojoe" Thurmond, cheers for him. Photo by Greg Gimpelevich

Grease Paint Debuts in Lawrenceville at the Aurora Theatre


Grease Paint Debuts in Lawrenceville at the Aurora Theatre

Lawrenceville — Local film director Daniel Espeut, along with his volunteer camera crew, travelled on the road throughout the United States following Nojoe’s Circus, the only circus based out of Georgia, and created his self-funded, feature-length debut documentary, “GreasePaint.”

By Jamey Toney, ChFC® Country Financial

September is life insurance awareness month

Do you know if your family would have the financial resources to maintain their standard of living if something happened to you?  According to the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association, approximately 56 percent of Americans lack individual life insurance coverage and 30 percent have no life insurance protection whatsoever.

Barbara McClure welcomes her clients with a promise of confidentiality.

Defining a fresh image

A gentle spirit, a caring attitude and the capacity to support women’s healthy choices describe Snellville’s A Defined Image owner, Barbara McClure. “Our skin shows how we feel inside,” says Barbara. “We need to make healthy choices for our bodies and minds.” Keeping our skin healthy is just one part of our image. A healthy smile and fresh, well cared-for skin is what most people see first.