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December 9, 2013

Aysha Cooper, Owner, SarahCare Snellville

Sarah Care… adult senior day program with true personal touch

Aysha Cooper is no ordinary business owner. For that matter, she is no ordinary mom, student or volunteer either. First and foremost, she is the best mom she knows how to be to her “almost 7” year old son. One of the most important parts of being the best mom she knows how to be is in setting a good example as a whole and well-rounded person.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Trump this

I will forever think of fall 2013 as the time when I realized that for all the blessings I was born with: great family, an unforgettable singing voice and the ability to NEVER sun burn, I was ripped off by  having short legs.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Curtis Underwood

Underwood 40th Wedding Anniversary

Underwood 40th Wedding Anniversary

Hilda Knight Underwood and M. Curtis Underwood celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 06, 2013, at their home on Rosebud Road, Loganville. They were married on October 06, 1973, at Center Hill Baptist Church, Loganville.

Dr. Carl and MaryAnn Leach

Leach 60th Wedding Anniversary

Leach 60th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. Carl & MaryAnn Leach were married on November 25, 1953. A celebration reception was given by their children on Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013.

Shaun Graham, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Southeast Mortgage

Introducing the cal-culator: Atlanta’s newest residential real estate index

Introducing the cal-culator: Atlanta’s newest residential real estate index
By Shaun Graham
Southeast Mortgage

When you are in the housing industry people tend to ask you a lot of questions about how you think the market is doing. Even if they don’t work in a related industry, like we do, the market can still affect them. Maybe they are thinking of selling, or buying a home, or just want to know about the values in their neighborhood.