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October 13, 2014

Dennis McGowan Chairman, EMC Patient-Family Advisory Committee

Patient-family centered care

Patient-family centered care
By Dennis McGowan

Do you remember when the family doctor made house calls? Do you remember when people were once admitted as inpatients in the hospital for “a rest”?  It may seem like ancient history, particularly when compared to the current systems for the delivery of health care, but it was only one or two generations ago. 

University of Ga Meat and Science

University of Ga Meat and Science
By John L. Byrwa 

The next time you visit your local grocery store and purchase meat, be it beef, pork or lamb, know that past and present students at the University of Georgia played a significant role in ensuring the quality, safety and packaging of that product. Thanks to the staff and students at the UGA’s Meat Science and Technology Center in Athens, the meat production industry gains invaluable educational and production practice knowledge that result in the highest-quality and safest products available.

Dr. Michael Briscoe compounds medications for your exact needs

Snell’s Pharmacy… Past, Present and Future Care

Snell’s Pharmacy…
Past, Present and Future Care
By Beth Volpert

Snell’s Pharmacy celebrated it’s 58th anniversary on October 1, 2014 without much fanfare. They spent the day doing what they do best, 

(L-R) Amy Roper, Marketing Texas Roadhouse Snellville, Ga; Sam Roper, Managing Partner Texas Roadhouse Snellville, Ga; Gustavo Jiminez - meat cutter Texas Roadhouse Pelham, Al, 1st place Regional winner and 2012 National Champion; Matt Knox, meat cutter Texas Roadhouse Snellville and 2nd place Regional winner; Dr Alex Stelzleni, Associate Professor University of Georgia Meat and Sciences Division; Delfor Barrios, meat cutter Texas Roadhouse Marietta Ga and 3rd place regional winner; and Josh Tittle, Kitchen Manager Texas Roadhouse Snellville Ga.

A cut above – Quality is No. 1 at Texas Roadhouse

A cut above – Quality is No. 1 at Texas Roadhouse
By John L. Byrwa

For something that tips the scales between a paltry 6 and 16 ounces, a professionally cut piece of meat can sure carry a lot of weight.

Just ask Matt Knox, whose proficiency with a meat-carving knife has not only led him into a challenging and gratifying career, it’s put him in position to earn a potentially life-changing payday.