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July 6, 2015

Theresa Clarke – Snellville UMC Retirement Announcement

Theresa Clarke – Snellville UMC Retirement Announcement

Snellville United Methodist Church has begun a search for a new Worship & Logistics Director, as Theresa Clarke announced her plans to retire after 15 years of devoted service.

Camp Bleachers

Camp Bleachers

This month, my view from the bleachers has me experiencing a variety of camp excitement from the comfort of my “typing chair” under the ceiling fan while reading parent posts on Facebook that run the gamut from “I miss my kid” to “Sheesh! Is it Friday already?” 

Mandy Snell Harris

Grief is a hard part of life

I was sitting in traffic on Tuesday June 2nd… Yes, I remember the day and actually the time. I thought, “what should I write about next month”?

Gwinnett joins metro water district in reaching toilet rebate milestone

Gwinnett joins metro water district in reaching toilet rebate milestone

Lawrenceville, Ga. – The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources has reached a milestone of 20,000 toilet rebates, contributing one-fifth of the total rebates issued in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District since the program started in 2007.