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July 20, 2016

Education and Baseline Testing Are First Steps in Concussion Prevention

Education and Baseline Testing Are First Steps in Concussion Prevention 

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. It’s caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.

The silent epidemic we can ignore no more

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

When Hell froze over

We have had such beautiful spring weather recently. The temperatures have been in the 70’s and low 80’s. The pollen count has been in the thousands.

Katie Hart Smith

Do you listen to your heart?

Do you listen to your heart? I knew a woman who did. She told me that when she was a young girl that her father was adamant about her not seeking a higher education.

Katie Hart Smith

Dear Me, Love, Me

Dear me! Love me! It sounds like a plea, doesn’t it? To be seen? To be heard? To be understood just as the person you are? But first, you need to know who you are and then love and embrace it.

Katie Hart Smith

Extraordinary in the ordinary

There is extraordinary in the ordinary. As human beings, we are blessed with infinite possibilities that can shape who we are and what we choose to do in life.

Katie Hart Smith

Be a great American and ACT

When did you first learn about the spirit of citizenship and American patriotism? I would venture to say that you probably learned about it as a child from your parents, grandparents, or even in school.