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July 14, 2017

Michelle Lombardo and Karen McNamara and Puppets

OrganWise guys

Every now and then, you run across somebody who loves what they do for a living. They’re passionate about it, and that passion is evident in their speech, their expressions and even in their workplace.

Katie Hart Smith

“Attention! Attention! May I please have your attention?”

When you hear those words while walking through the bustling and noisy airport, grocery or department store, or while at school, do you find yourself automatically stopping what you’re doing at that moment and look up at the intercom? As the crowd calms, perhaps, we shush others around us who are talking. We pause, patiently waiting and listening for the next set of instructions or call to action while glancing up at the ceiling.

Katie Hart Smith

Come Home to Me

At 3:59pm on Tuesday, June 12, 2017, my husband, Jeff – a captain at the Lawrenceville Police Department – called the house. Sirens wail in the background.