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July 28, 2017

Don Norris (Village of Hope, Lawrenceville) accepts three tomato plants from Candace Morgan (Duluth Historical Society). They will be passed along to some of their clients to nurture as a way of spreading the love!

Duluth Historical Society – Spreading the Love

Ever exchange ideas, share what you have, learn from one another?  Why bother?  It’s what our parents and grandparents used to do! It was neighborly to do so a few years back, and still is!  

Mr. Cratie Sims

Bluegrass music and history alive and well in historic Suwanee

Drive past the modern-looking Suwanee city hall building, past the always-bustling town green, and head toward the older, historic part of the city. There’s a treasure nestled in on Stonecypher Road, and inside lives rich history and some of the best bluegrass music found this side of Nashville.