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August 17, 2017

Debra J Pennington

Debra J Pennington selected as Commissioner of Snellville Arts Commission

Debra J Pennington, a resident of Snellville, Georgia, has been selected as Commissioner of Snellville Arts Commission on July 24, 2017. She has also been selected by Nicole Hendrickson to attend and graduate Gwinnett 101 Citizens Academy Fall Quarter, in Gwinnett County on August 2, 2017. 

Paige Havens

Girls Are More Vulnerable to Concussion Than Boys

Ongoing research continues to reveal that gender may actually be a risk factor for injury and/or influence injury severity when it comes to concussion. Female athletes suffer more concussions than men in the sports that both play, with an injury rate 50 percent higher. Boys and girls play by the same rules, using the same equipment, on the same fields, yet girls have higher concussion rates than boys.

Carole Townsend

(Not So) Common Sense | Skydiving. It just isn’t natural

A dear friend of mine just turned age 55, a milestone I glimpsed in the rear view mirror more than a year ago. The big 5-5 bothered her, I’m afraid. She worried about 50’s approach for a full year before it arrived, and for some reason, 55 has bothered her even more.