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2018-19 Teacher of the Year: Gwinnett selects semifinalists for district’s top honor

A committee from Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) recently narrowed down the list of Gwinnett’s top educators on the road to being named the 2018-19 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year. The committee announced the names of the 25 semifinalists to be considered for the system’s top honor.

The group of 15 elementary, five middle, and five high school teachers were selected from the initial list of 137 local school Teachers of the Year who were nominated by their colleagues at their local schools. The 2018-19 Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year will be announced in November at the annual Teacher of the Year banquet.

This year’s Gwinnett County Teacher of the Year semifinalists are:

Dr. Janie Avant of Arcado ES – Special Education Teacher – Orthopedic Impairments (Grades K–5)
Juah Nyemadé Baker-Marsh of Lovin ES – Special Education Teacher – Early Childhood Program (Pre-K)
Ashley Booker of Ferguson ES – Kindergarten Teacher
Jennifer Burel of Patrick ES – 2nd Grade Teacher
Allyson Clark of Craig ES – Special Education Teacher (Pre-K)
Ashley Dunlop of Pharr ES – Special Education Teacher – Severe Intellectual Disabilities (Pre-K)
Chris Fendley of Jenkins ES – 1st Grade Teacher
Emily Greenblat of Woodward Mill ES – Special Education Teacher (Pre-K)
Sarah Hoeflin of Graves ES – Drama and Theatre Arts Teacher (Grades K–5)
Julie Massey of Freeman’s Mill ES – Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Teacher (Grade 4)
Falicia O’Mard of Baggett ES – 1st Grade Teacher
Marti Parker of Suwanee ES – Music Teacher (Grades K–5)
Celia Ramos of Roberts ES – Language Arts Teacher (Grade 5)
Kelly Specht of Riverside ES – Reading Recovery and Early Intervention Program Teacher (Grades 1 and 2)
Alicia Teague of Starling ES – English to Speakers of Other Languages and Early Intervention Program Reading Teacher (Grades K–5)
Chandra Brandel of Coleman MS – Mathematics and Accelerated Mathematics Teacher (Grade 6)
Dr. Dana Griffith of Northbrook MS – Health and PE Teacher (Grades 6–8)
Tia Milhouse of Lilburn MS – Language Arts Teacher (Grade 7)
Keith Oldknow of Five Forks MS – Algebra I and Accelerated Algebra I Teacher (Grade 8)
Lindsey Saa of Couch MS – Social Studies Teacher (Grade 8)
Christy Battle of Lanier HS – AP, Honors, and Gifted Biology and Forensic Science Teacher (Grades 9-12)
Stephen B. Beall of Brookwood HS – Physics, Energy and Power Technology, and Appropriate and Alternative Energy Teacher (Grades 9, 11, and 12)
Heidi Campbell of Parkview HS – Journalism Teacher (Grades 9–12) and British Literature Teacher (Grade 12)
Sabrina Hancock of Mill Creek HS – AP Statistics and AP Research Teacher (Grades 9–12)
Meredith White of Peachtree Ridge HS – Spanish I and II Teacher (Grades 9–12)