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March 25, 2018

Roger Green, MSFS,CFP®

Your Green | Credit Score: Why Does it Matter?

Many people don’t realize the importance of building and maintaining a good credit score to their overall financial well-being. Before you make any buying decisions involving credit, think about your overall financial situation and the long-term impact of living “outside your means.” The cost of bad credit may be more than you realize. 

Joan Miller

The Blind Ladies | The right amount of light

By definition, light is something that makes vision possible. Light can affect your mood and enhance your surroundings; but what can you do in a room where there is too much light? 

James Miskell, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning | Your Assets – Your Plan or Someone Else’s?

If the distribution of your property is important to you, you can use a will or a trust to give instructions about who gets what when you die. If you die without a properly executed estate plan, state law will determine how the probate court will divide and distribute the things you own. Of course, the state of Georgia’s estate plan won’t take your particular wishes into account. So, most people prefer to put their own plan into place. 

Is it Time to Take Away the Keys?

Arguably one of the most American traditions is being able to hop in the car and drive wherever your heart desires. Road trips are inherent to our culture and are often considered a rite of passage. Even as we get older, that urge to hit the open road doesn’t really diminish. Luckily, many older individuals are perfectly capable of driving safely, even into their 70s and 80s. However, age does have an effect on our ability to be completely safe behind the wheel.

Chrissy Thomas, RN, Cosmetic Nurse Injector, Anti-Aging Specialist

About Face Celebrates 16 years!

Who would have ever believed it? I was a 32-year-old nurse, very pregnant with my second child and a bit concerned when the Plastic Surgery team of Dianne Leeb, MD and B.A. Pihl (who happened to be husband and wife) sat me down to let me know they had decided to retire. My dream job with these two incredible physicians and our awesome staff was coming to an end, and I was heartbroken.