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March 28, 2018

Katie Hart Smith

Finding Joy

Don’t you hate it when you misplace your car keys? Reading glasses? Wallet? Or, have lost the joy in your life? Joy, not easily found in your right coat pocket, on top of your head, or on a store sales counter, can be found where you least expect it. It’s in the tiniest grin from a baby; it’s the spark of your loved one’s eyes in their sideways glance; it’s in your work; it’s down in your heart.

Paige Havens

Attention organ donors: brains needed

Now there’s a headline you don’t see every day, but this is an important topic for us to discuss as researchers are working each and every day to better understand concussions and the long-term effects of repetitive hits to the body and head. The only way to further this critical research is to provide researchers with brains to study.

Bill York


Upon arriving from Atlanta, I caught a taxicab from International Falls to Fort Francis, Ontario to an inlet, from where bush pilots fly fishing enthusiasts out to isolated rivers and lakes, to catch trophy muskies, northern pike, and other freshwater fish.

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Hey Y’all | Back from the Light

We have been in a nightmare. We have all had the flu, but Snell was harder than James or me. The doctor told us that the flu shot helped about 10-20% of the people who took it, but this strain that is so powerful wasn’t fazed by the inoculation. I know some people who have had this mess, and it has been devastating. 

Sydney Jones

When the clock ticks midnight

People all over America make resolutions when the clock ticks midnight, making it a new year. They want to see a change in their lives. This year I want to see something change in our community. In 2018 I want more rescue animals finding a home and shown love.