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August 22, 2018

Norcross Masonic Lodge Awards Annual Pillar Award to Local Firefighter

The Pillar Award honors and recognizes those first responders who serve above and beyond the call of duty.

Norcross  – On Wednesday night, the Norcross Masonic Lodge presented their annual Community Pillar Award to local firefighter and paramedic Chuck Esswein for his outstanding service to the community.

Dr. Vonda Ware

Perinatal Depression

Identifying pregnant and post-partum women with depression is extremely important because untreated perinatal depression and other mood disorders can have devastating effects on women, infants, and families.

Katie Hart Smith

Right? Click.

 “Please, don’t tell me what I did wrong. Tell me what I did right.” Has that thought crossed your mind or have you uttered those words before? Like a photographer who uses their camera lens to focus on an object that is either close-up or far away, throughout life, we tend to do the same. So, what do you prefer to focus on? Those things that are right v. wrong, the details of the past and present v. the blurry future? The obscure?

Tracey Wells

Should I get the insurance offer at the car rental office?

Should you buy the insurance offered by the rental car companies? Whenever you rent a vehicle you know the drill, they ask you if you want their insurance coverage. They ask you when you reserve the vehicle online and as soon as you pick up the vehicle. Sometimes it feels like they are trying to pressure you into the purchase.

Tim Golden, BrightStar Care

Ask the Senior Care Expert | Early Warning Signs of Dementia

The most common reason people call my office seeking in-home care is that the caller is responsible for a loved one suffering from dementia and that loved one can’t be left alone. One of the most important things we can ask when dealing with loved ones as they age is “what are the early warning signs of dementia?”