Lilburn Christian Church Choir and Orchestra performs during this Holiday Season
A combined choir, orchestra and tech team from Lilburn Christian Church and Whistleville Christian Church in Winder, led by LCC Music director Dwayne Wylds, presented a two part Christmas concert.

The first part "Wreck the Halls", included the fun stylings of 60's mellow singer "Moon Star", 70's disco Princess, Donna Winters, the barber shop stylings of the "Canadian Bacon Quartet" and the operatic talents of "Brunnhilde Hildegard", all singing ...well at least their version of the song, "Deck the Halls".

The second segment was highlighted by a moving evening of Praise and Worship in presenting the program "God's Gift to You".  

With three performances, over 1,000 people enjoyed and were moved in both the morning and evening concerts combined. Just an outstanding evening all the way around with fun, Praise and Worship at Lilburn Christian Church, with special thanks to those from Whistleville Christian Church.

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