Improv classes are coming to Grayson in 2016
Grayson Improv strives to buildup Grayson kids through comedy and creativity.

Comedy is coming to Grayson in 2016. Starting Monday, January 11th, the all-new Grayson Improvisational Acting Class Program is bringing laughter to the Arts & History Center one kid at a time.

Not familiar with Improv? No worries. Kids ages 9 to 14 can show up ready to learn with zero experience. Grayson Improv is focused on building improvisational skills - but more importantly - they’re building confidence, teamwork skills, public speaking ability and more through comedic scenes created by students. Class lasts an hour, from 6pm until 7pm every Monday. 

“Improv teaches kids to think on their feet, learn to coordinate creative ideas, and most importantly,it builds confidence”said Kathleen Davis, creator of the Grayson Improv program. “I think Grayson’s kids could use a creative outlet like Improv and I’m excited to be part of bringing it here.”

While there are several outlets for the arts currently available in Grayson, this class is a first for the Improvisational acting scene.

Gail Lane, Grayson's Community Development Director, is very pleased that the Arts & History Center will be hosting Grayson Improv in 2016. "We are so excited to bring acting and improv to Grayson as part of our efforts to provide opportunities for greater artistic awareness and a platform for all of the great talent in our community," she said. 

Students can look forward to Improv exercises that will test their ability to think on their feet. Each month, Grayson Improv will have a new and exciting theme which will allow kids to focus on learning a specific aspect of Improv using their own creativity and ideas.Improv operates on the idea that there is no one way (or wrong way!) to do something, but instead pushes kids to think about things in a different way, every time.

Join us in January by visiting our Facebook page and clicking "Sign Up"

Although the initial class offering focuses on the 9-14 age group, additional age groups may be added for future classes, if there is strong interest in the community. If you are interested, but do not fall within the initial offering's age range, please reach out to