At the Snellville Carmike Theater: Far left Cameron Arnett, Middle Left Cast Member. Middle Right Drew Mathew, Far Right Kelsi Chandler. Stand Your Ground will be In theaters January 17, 2014.  Photo by John Hani

Stand Your Ground 
The True Story of a Cry for justice
By John Hani

Stand your ground is a movie based on a novel written by Jackie Carpenter and is centered on real life events.  When her son is accused of murder, her normal life as a mother of two grown men gets turned upside down and all she has left to hold on to is her deep faith in God.

 Cameron Arnett who played the defense attorney, Drew Mathew who played the accused and Frances Locke who played the mother of the accused all gave compelling performance.  Stand your ground gives the viewers a unique perspective on a topic that has sparked a multitude of emotions and has many on different sides of the fence.  One thing is for sure, regardless of your stance on this subject, you will appreciated this well played out Film and begin to question your own opinions on the law. In theaters 1.17.14.

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A woman struggles with her faith when her son is falsely accused of murder and the odds are stacked against him; the true story of tragedy, trust & triumph.

Plot Outline
When her son Jason (Drew Matthews) is falsely accused of murder, Jackie Carpenter (Francine Locke) fights against the odds to free her son; but when the prosecution (Sandra W. Van Natta) seeks a life sentence, Jackie’s life spins into turmoil sending her on a difficult journey of wavering faith, tentative hope, and ultimate victory.

Based on a true story, "Stand Your Ground" will put your faith on trial as the journey of Jackie Carpenter bridges the gap between Cell Block A and a miracle.

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