Legacy State Bank, located in Loganville, GA has taken a personal approach to the business of mortgage lending. While thousands of possibilities are offered with flashy websites on the internet, Legacy has brought the solid performance of a proven loan officer back into the process of mortgage loans.

With home sales rising again, borrowers have learned that a strong start with someone who knows the business is the right way to go. 



Legacy State Bank’s personal touch comes from the office of Shannon Atha whose years of experience in the mortgage business are most beneficial to her customers. “Getting a loan from the application to the closing table is a very complicated process,” says Shannon. “I try to emphasize that if the loan is completed correctly in the beginning, then the closing will be a smooth process.”

Nothing says you are good at your job as well as a truly satisfied customer. “I've worked with Shannon on several occasions with the refinancing and the purchasing of homes,” says Ben Weaver. “She has never done anything less than go the extra mile and give the best customer service in the business. With Shannon you feel like you are more than just a name and you have an ally in the process.” 

Customer Adam Hawkins agrees with Ben when it comes to Shannon’s superior customer service. “ Talking to Shannon was like talking to a long-lost relative,” says Adam. “She laid everything out on the table for us and helped us understand the process.”“I take truth-in-lending very seriously,” says Shannon. “All fees involved in the process of a loan need to be made very clear in the beginning.” Watching over her loans as they progress through the process towards closing is something Shannon takes seriously. The days of a static checklist are gone and Shannon spends time each day reviewing any changes that might affect her customers. “I send weekly email updates to my customers and the agents involved and I am always available to talk to them personally.” 

One of the most important parts of the loan process is counseling customers on the difference between the monthly payment they qualify for versus the monthly payment they feel like they can afford. “You don’t want to be “house poor”, where you can’t afford to enjoy or furnish the house you bought,” says Shannon. “Together, my customers and I work from a payment number they are comfortable with and determine the loan they need to achieve that goal.”

With strong referrals from satisfied customers, Shannon is bringing the personal touch back to the the mortgage lending business. “Everybody has a story,” says Shannon. “I hear each one of those stories personally and it makes a difference on how we proceed.” Listening to those customer stories, applying good, common sense, and knowing the lending regulations combine to make Legacy State Bank’s Shannon Atha a one-of-a-kind loan officer. A loan officer with the personal touch. 

For more information on Legacy State Bank visit: www.legacystatebank.com or call: 770-554-BANK(2265)

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