Steam Master Carpet Cleaning’s John Wendler talks shop and faith
By Beth Volpert Johansen

When his mom and dad decided to uproot from Colorado Springs and relocate to West Palm Beach, FL in the middle of his high school career, John Wendler just went with it.

The family had purchased a carpet cleaning franchise and looked forward to trading snow for sand. That was in 2004. 

As luck would have it, the business wasn’t in as good a shape as had been indicated. The family struggled to repair or replace equipment as well as get out from under the effects of a former employee who had been less-than-up-front about her work. It looked grim until Hurricane Charley hit. 

“That hurricane totally turned things around as we helped people recover from the disaster,” says John Wendler. “We had a month off from school and I worked with my dad and a couple of other guys sucking up plenty of water.” The business grew and John left for college. He stayed until his dad began to battle cancer; a battle he eventually lost. “I stepped out of college to help my mom,” says John. “We worked it together.” 

SteamMaster190Right: John Wendler with his son, Cole enjoying some time off.

Fast forward to a move to Gwinnett County, GA. John and his wife, Tara, now own a Steam Master franchise of their own. “I found the people here, this community, to be welcoming,” says John. “We belong to 12 Stone Church where I volunteer as a greeter-I guess I am good at talking to people.” John and Tara’s toddler son, Cole, seems at home and greets at least as many people as his dad.

Meeting new people has been key to expanding his business network. John is a member of The Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups. “It is very refreshing how people are here in Gwinnett,” says John. “It makes the biggest difference and we are happy to be here.” 

When he arrives at a client’s house, his first order of business is to assure them that quality and ethics are paramount to his business. “I emphasize that if you are not 100% satisfied, I will reclean the house,” says John. “If the client is still not happy, I accept no payment-it’s as simple as that.” 

John’s confidence in his work helps put people at ease and it is usually no time at all before they find some sort of common ground which generally leads to further referrals. 

Additionally, all the Steam Master technicians are IICRC certified. The company uses the proper chemistry to clean carpets thoroughly which keeps them from resoiling quickly. John and his technicians offer services beyond carpet cleaning to include, upholstery, tile, wood floors and even dryer ducts. With a truck mounted steam cleaner, both water pressure and power vacuum are strong enough to leave carpets dry to the touch before they leave. 

Faith, community and ethical work all play a part in John’s work and personal life. Following a dream for a better life involves research, but also a good deal of faith. “I want to do life together with people,” says John. “My business is a perfect way to combine all the best aspects of life.” 

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