New or old... keep it safe!

You may not think of your window coverings as potential safety hazards, yet every year, young children are injured or even die from strangulation.

The Window Covering Industry has addressed this serious concern by developing stringent standards by which manufacturers must adhere.

It is my obligation as a Window Covering Professional to be ever vigilant in educating the public.  Any older blind or shade with cords is a potential hazard. The cords can be pulled through a hole and a loop formed, large enough to fit around a child’s neck. It doesn’t seem possible, but in too many cases strangulation has occurred.  

This scenario is entirely preventable! Newer products are fabricated with devices that stop the cords from pulling through any holes. Most window coverings are now available as cordless, precluding the cord issue. As parents, we know that it can take only seconds for a child to get into a dangerous situation, so we need to be aware of the possibilities that confront us every day. 

An entire website devoted to Window Covering Safety can be found here: You’ll find valuable information and instructions on retro-fitting older window coverings. They’ll even send out free kits for the do-it-yourselfers. If you don’t feel up to the task, call us: The Blind Ladies 404-918-5288.