Snellville’s Pure Barre brings fitness to everyone

By Carole Townsend
Staff Correspondent

Snellville – Ask Keisha Hayes about Pure Barre fitness, and be prepared to hear about fitness in a whole new light.

Yes, she owns the Pure Barre fitness studio in Snellville, but she was a student there before she purchased the business in 2015. That says a lot about both the fitness studio and the owner. 

20151117 102141 190“I walked into Pure Barre in July 2014. I was overweight and out of shape, having had my son at age 38, and having injuries to both knees from playing soccer. I love aggressive sports, because they help me re-focus and channel energy. I was playing soccer to help me get back in shape, but the injuries prevented me from continuing,” said Hayes. But the 55 minute workout at Pure Barre back in July 2014 challenged her, and she was hooked. Too, as many people (especially women) can understand, she walked into the studio that first day feeling uncomfortable and self-conscience. “I was greeted by skinny people,” she laughed. But those same people welcomed her warmly, with encouragement. “I felt right at home in no time.” 

image004 190Since that first workout nearly two years ago, Hayes has become a believer in Pure Barre’s low impact workouts designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles. The workouts strengthen the core, tones your thighs, abs and arms, tapers in your hips and burns fat. They also offer a high-intensity cardio workout, called Platform, that is designed to optimize cardiovascular results and increase total body strength. “If you have an injury or condition that requires it, we can modify the workout to accommodate that condition. Pure Barre works for everyone, from high school students to seniors,” Hayes said. 

Pure Barre also offers a “Bring on the Men” class, which is very popular with the clients. “So often, men come into these classes thinking, ‘Oh, this is going to be easy,” Hayes said. “But when they leave, they are exhausted after having had a strenuous workout. They see very quickly that this is not an easy workout.”

image005190The beauty of the Pure Barre workout is that, once the class begins, every client’s competition is “that person in the mirror,” Hayes said. “Everyone in class is so focused on their own personal workout, no one has time to worry about who’s watching and what they’re thinking. We are more than just a workout, it's a lifestyle. We share a sense of community and are inspired and empowered by each other.” 

Hayes and her family have lived in Snellville since 1998. Their daughter graduated from Brookwood High School in 2011, and they have a 5-year-old son who plays T-ball with the Brookwood Athletic Association, with Dad coaching. “We do as much as we can do to promote health and wellness in this area,” said Hayes, referring not only to her business but also to her family’s involvement in the community. In addition to the many classes Pure Barre offers to students throughout the week and weekend, Keisha and her team participate in Grayson and Snellville Days festivals, the Ideation Symposium held at South Gwinnett High School, and a strong entrepreneurship program at Crews Middle School. Hayes is also a member of the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce (GECC). Both the business and the Hayes family contribute to the health of their community, making them strong partners in Snellville and the surrounding area. 

For more information about Pure Barre in Snellville, or to review the class schedule, visit their website at To join Pure Barre’s Facebook page, search “Pure Barre Snellville.”