Our children ARE our legacy

We take care of our children’s needs from the time they are born.  We feed them, clothe them, and we teach and guide them. 

But as parents we also know there are many other factors that we have to consider as we raise a family.  One important aspect is ensuring that we plan for and protect our personal finances and begin to build a legacy for our and our children’s financial future.  

At Legacy State Bank, our legacy is to help provide your family with the products, services and advice needed to build your family’s financial future.  From helping save for your kid’s college or the purchase of a new home, to financing your home or your family’s business, Legacy State Bank has the tools and the people to help you develop your family’s future.

We take pride in offering the best and most competitively priced banking products in the market designed to meet your family’s needs.  With our dedicated specialists, Legacy State Bank has everything needed to lead you and your family toward a great financial future, starting at ANY age! We get to know your family and your needs, and can help translate those needs into a brighter tomorrow for not just you, but for generations to follow.



As your family grows, Legacy State Bank has the ability to grow with your family.  From savings and checking accounts to credit cards, car loans, mortgages and business loans, the bank has all of the products you will need to create a true financial legacy for you and your family.

There is a good chance you and your family know us already as the majority of the bank’s employees and almost five hundred shareholders live in and around this community.  We work, play, shop and eat in the Loganville/ Grayson/ Snellville area, and we are vested in the success and development of the families and businesses we serve. Legacy State Bank works very hard to be a part of the family that IS our community, and we invite you to “come to our house for a visit.”

We would be honored to be a part of your family and to help as you build your family’s future legacy.

For more information about how Legacy State Bank can help you develop YOUR financial legacy, call 770.554.BANK, visit our website: www.LegacyStateBank.com, or drop by the Loganville office at 3825 Harrison Rd. today!