Bill Walker, EVP

Rights. Responsibilities. Privileges. These are all words that we hear around election time, encouraging us all to go out and vote our hearts and conscience when it comes time to pick local and national leaders, or to decide what laws are important in our expanding communities.

But there is another word that is just as important, and in many ways is the crux of it all; the reason that the United States stands out in the world, especially as it concerns elections and politics. That word is “VOICE.”

Voting is a way to express your voice in a world where many don’t have a voice. It allows us all to take charge of the future of our communities and nation, and to make a mark for our children.

It is one way that we build our Legacy.

At Legacy State Bank, we believe in the power of people’s voices. We strive to reflect that in our own legacy, helping to provide your family with the products, services and advice needed to build your family’s financial future.  From helping save for your kid’s college or the purchase of a new home, to financing your home or your family’s business, Legacy State Bank has the tools and the people to help you develop your family’s future.

We take pride in offering the best and most competitively priced banking products in the market designed to meet your family’s needs.  With our dedicated specialists, Legacy State Bank has everything needed to lead you and your family toward a great financial future, starting at ANY age! We get to know your family and your needs, and can help translate those needs into a brighter tomorrow for not just you, but for generations to follow.



So speak your voice, and be heard. Exercise your right, perform your responsibility, and take advantage of your privilege and VOTE. Because your voice matters. Your Legacy matters. At Legacy State Bank, we would be honored to be a part of your family and to help as you build your future legacy.

Important Dates:

•Oct 17-Nov 4: Early voting period

•Nov 8: General Election

•Dec 6: State runoff elections if necessary

•Jan 10, 2017: Federal office runoff elections if necessary

For more information about how Legacy State Bank can help you develop YOUR financial legacy, call 770.554.BANK, visit our website:, or drop by the Loganville office at 3825 Harrison Rd. today!