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2nd and last month of summer break!

2nd and last month of summer break!
By Soraya Bagheri

Wow! Just yesterday it felt like I was writing my 1st article for the Gwinnett Citizen and now I’ve already written my second article…in the second and LAST month of summer break! The school year is just weeks away but, before we hit the books lets rewind and see what some of the students at Couch and Bay Creek Middle School did for the Fourth of July.

Soroya Bagheri

Madison Brown, student at Couch Middle School went to Lake Sinclair for the weekend with her family to cookout. She also enjoyed the water while playing with her little brother and sister. They fished, tubed, and much more fun lake activities!

Alyssa Nolte, student at Bay Creek Middle School went to the beautiful clear waters in the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, FL. Alyssa enjoyed this 4th of July with her Dad, brothers, and sisters!

Ashley Steele, also a rising 7th grader at Bay Creek Middle School enjoyed spending the weekend at her family’s lake house on Lake Sinclair with family and friends, while having fun with their new boat!

Bryce Brunette, rising 7th grader at Couch Middle School spent his 4th with his family at home grilling out and shooting off fireworks with his brothers.

Haley Ragsdale, rising 8th grader at Couch Middle School went to homes of friends with her family to enjoy cookouts, dancing, and lots of big fireworks! Sounds like you had LOTS of fun!

And finally, I, the writer, enjoyed the lake with friends and family after a long week in Laguna Beach, FL with my church for our summer retreat. As you can tell, many of these students enjoyed their fourth of July, but I’m not so sure we all will enjoy returning back to the late night homework! I’m glad you all enjoyed your holiday!

See you in a few weeks students! Until then, I’ll be shopping for back to school! YIKES!!

Soraya Bagheri is a rising 7th Grader at Couch Middle School.