Lash Extensions vs Clusters vs Strips

Let’s talk eyelashes!

Strips: These are cheap, disposable false eyelashes that are applied with glue and must be removed daily. These are convenient, but oftentimes look fake and will peel off at the first sign of moisture. Cost: $2.

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Clusters: Available at many nail salons, these are applied, with glue, directly to the skin in between the lashes. Sometimes they will be stacked above, in between and below the lash line for thickness. They look extremely fake and one cannot get them wet because they will fall out in chunks. If you try to remove them, you will pull out your natural lashes and cause potentially permanent damage. This is unsanitary as you cannot clean your lash line, increasing risk for infection. Cost: $20-$40. Lasts a few days to 2 weeks.
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Right: Owner, Barbie Conner, RN 

Eyelash extensions: The gold standard for eyelashes! One extension (looks like one hair) is placed on one single natural lash and bonded with adhesive. When applied properly, the extensions never touch your skin, but they look like they grow out of your skin! They can get wet, you can brush them, and they look like you were born with them! Very natural, better than mascara could ever look! Cost: $150-$300 full set and $60-$80 touchup every 2-3 weeks.

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