Anyone who strolls the sidewalks along Dogwood Road parallel to Ronald Reagan Parkway in Snellville is familiar with a recent phenomenon that’s become the talk of the town. It seems that an artist with both talent and a sense of humor has begun adorning a certain pine tree with art - curious harbingers of upcoming holidays.

 “The first time I saw it was back around Halloween,” said Snellville walker Rosemary Stewart. “We were walking along and looked up to our right. In this pine tree was a Cheshire cat-looking thing, a face, and it was smiling. We thought that it was strange and interesting, and of course we wondered who had put it there.”NYE tree



Stewart doesn’t recall anything adorning that same tree around Thanksgiving, but in December, the artist had added a big, cheerful bow on a low branch of the tree. Just before New Year’s Eve, the numbers “2-0-1-7” were added and around Valentine’s Day, red lips and pink hearts appeared. For St. Patrick’s Day, a hat and shamrocks adorn the tree, and the face that has apparently now taken up residence in it.

To date, the tree has not slipped into its Easter finery, but there are plenty of people looking for it on their daily walks. Odds are, those same people are looking to “catch” the mysterious artist with a flair for humor, simply to say, “thank you.”

We at the Gwinnett Citizen would love to be the source for the answer to this fun mystery. If the secret artist feels so inclined, please come forward! We’ll tell readers all about the idea and the purpose behind this reason for so many smiles on so many faces, including the tree’s!