Craig Roberts is being awarded a gold star from the Assistant Governor of Rotary District 6910.

By Leigh McIntosh | Lawrenceville Rotary

Rotary Club of Lawrenceville has a slate of upcoming speakers you are invited to hear. If you have ever wanted to make a difference in your own community, Rotary might be for you.



New member Steve Sheets.New member Steve Sheets.Come to a meeting, meet some of our involved community citizens, listen to what we are doing and decide for yourself. Meetings are every Monday at Garden Plaza in Lawrenceville at noon.

For those of you who are not Rotarians, let me tell you how Georgia Rotary Clubs are making a difference. Since 1946 Georgia Rotarians have sponsored about 60 students annually from all over the world to spend a year in a Georgia university. Rotarians pay for the tuition and the students live on campus but have a Rotarian host family to mentor them and with whom they may spend weekends and holidays during the school year. The focus is not on academics but is more of a cultural exchange.

The mission of the Georgia Rotary Student Program is to:    

Promote peace through understanding.      
Encourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences.      
Advance the ideals of Rotary.       
Create opportunities for friendship.       
Envision a world where peace is a reality

Due to this initiative, Georgia Rotarians have sponsored thousands of people from across the globe in their mission to promote peace in the world and to serve humanity. This is a wonderful way to be part of something bigger where you can help to change lives. Many of you are aware of the negativity and tensions in our country. Is part of the negativity because we are focusing on individual desires rather than on what is good for humanity? We each have a choice to focus on our selves or on others, to promote peace or adversity, to love or to hate. You have control over your “head talk”. What will your choice be?