Now that the temperature has dropped it is traditionally a great time to get major home improvement projects done. Many times, the contractors are eager to give you deals because they need the work during this slow time.

However, not all contractors are created equal. Some contractors will bid for your business, but they currently have no general liability insurance. More than likely the contractor would not have the funds available to cover any major damage they were responsible for.

Before you agree to let any contractor take out one tool, ask to see their Certificate of Insurance. However, this isn’t always enough to verify if the coverage is in force. I recommend you look up and call either the insurance company listed on the certificate or the insurance broker/agent to find out if the policy is in force. Many unethical contractors will purchase a general liability policy and make one or two payments. They will receive the Certificate of Insurance and then either cancel the policy outright; not make any more payments allowing the policy to lapse or try to stop payment on a check payment. Next, these unethical contractors will take the certificate and run off lots of copies. They will come to you or to general contractors to bid on jobs while implying they have the appropriate liability policy in place.

Just take the extra few minutes to confirm the coverage. Your house, patience, and sanity will thank you for taking the extra steps.

Tracey L. Wells
Farmers Insurance - Wells Agency
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