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Yuck! You just came home to about two to three inches of bilge on your floor. It smells horrible and what do you do? Is it automatically covered by your homeowners policy?

Not unless you have Sewer and Drain coverage. If you don’t have it on your current homeowners policy you will be paying for the clean up/extraction, the flooring, drywall, maybe a ceiling and furniture. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Most homeowners’ policies will cover an accidental discharge of water but without Sewer and Drain coverage the sewer over-flow will not be covered. Usually, the coverage amounts offered for Sewer and Drain are between $5,000 and $50,000. I have spoken to about five of the top emergency cleanup companies and they all have indicated that about $20,000 is the average cleanup cost on a sewage backup incident. Depending on how long the bilge has been sitting, it can cause even more damage and an even costlier clean-up.

If your home is on a sewer line it is a coverage to consider adding to your policy. If you are on a septic tank this coverage is not an option. This is an often-overlooked coverage. Check your policy to confirm if you have Sewer and Drain coverage, don’t assume you have it. Don’t wait until you have a sewage back up to find out.

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