As Baby Boomers age into retirement by the millions each year, their growing health care needs require more people to administer that care. Home health and personal care aides are generally the same, providing services such as checking vitals, providing companionship, prepping meals and bathing and grooming clients. – USA Today.

Certified Home Care Of GA LLC is poised and ready to help clients adjust to the maladies that are associated with aging. We have the capability to provide assistance currently in 11 counties(Including Gwinnett) and over 250 municipalities throughout North Georgia.

There is a prevalent myth that is circulating in the minds of adult children and relatives on when to decide on home care for their loved ones that we would like to debunk. In quite a lot of cases we handle, loved ones wait until their relatives are almost at the point of expiring, before they seek assistance. At Certified Home Care we like to recommend to folks to get their loved ones into transitioning earlier so they can get quality care prior to incidents that will hasten their departure. We currently have clients that we have been working with for over (4) years and others range between a few months to a few years. Being proactive is very pivotal should you want to get better results and garner the “peace of mind” which is such an elusive commodity currently.

Here are some indications that your loved ones need home care assistance:

•Unknowinly skipping meals and medications

•Forget to turn off the stove or setting the correct time on the microwave

•They can no longer color coordinate their clothing

•Neglecting personal hygiene

•Have stacks of unpaid bills and late payment notices

•Become withdrawn from social activities and express non-interest in people

•Continuously repeating the same statements within a short time frame

•Have fallen frequently and constantly injuring themselves

•Forgetting important dates, such as: birthdays, doctors appointments and anniversaries.

It is important that loved ones try to contain and provide assistance themselves or get the skilled assistance of Certified Home Care to provide the solutions to help maintain and keep their relatives independent as long as possible. It is only rational and fair that our loved ones are not neglected in their latter years while affordable options exist.

Certified Home Care Of GA LLC provides quality in home care that is customized to our clients needs. We prove A-La-Carte services that will fit any budget. We have no minimums and can provide a certified caregiver within a few hours after we receive your call. No job is too small for us to handle, call us today and reap the benefits.

Certified Home Care of Georgia is licensed by the state of Georgia Department of Community Health., we provide one-on-one care in companionship and personal care. Call Us Today (678) 973-5234