The City of Duluth will once again open its doors and extend hours to the dumpsters at the Duluth Public Works Department to any trash a resident wants to get rid of for the third annual Community Clean-Up Day.

“This event continues to grow every year and we want to ensure we as the city continue to do what we can to help our community,” said Planning Director Bill Aiken.



Cleanup3 540Community Clean-Up Day is part of a wider effort brought to the forefront by the Duluth Neighborhood Outreach Work (Duluth N.O.W) program which was created to improve the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods through the collaboration of city staff and community members in identifying neighborhood concerns and applying resources to respond. Residents can dump trash at Duluth’s Public Works Department on May 18th from 8am-5pm. Residents can dump just about anything such as: 4 vehicle tires, leftover paint from your home improvement project, debris from your home renovation project, cardboard, lawnmowers, appliances, grills, furniture, clothing, electronics, vehicle parts and fluids (motor oil, batteries, antifreeze), garden chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and insecticides), household chemicals (toilet bowl cleaner, shower/tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, rust remover) tree limbs, grass clippings, leaves, etc. Normally, many of these items would not get picked up on trash day and would probably get stored somewhere other than a trash can.

CleanUp2 540This event is FREE and is only for residents who live in Duluth City limits. Those who want to participate are asked to bring a utility bill and a driver’s license and/or trash card to dump. The trash card will not be stamped for this event. While there, residents are encouraged to stop by for lunch and meet the Duluth Public Works team who work hard to maintain our community.

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