Bela and Delores Kenessey

Bela and Delores Kenessey married three times - the first time in 1964 was by a Justice of the Peace in South Carolina because their church was not available. The second time was in June in their North Carolina church. The third ceremony for Delores and Bela was in the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church many years after the first two ceremonies. All three marriage ceremonies were special tho this couple who have been together for so many years.

Bela was born in Budapest, Hungary and came to North Carolina at the age of ten. Delores was born in Lenoir, North Carolina. They both lived on North Carolina farms and went to different high schools when they met. They were introduced by Deloris’ friend and went on a double date with that friend and his date. Bela likes to say that they met in the back seat of a ‘56 Ford.

After finishing high school Bela went to college and into the army and Delores went to work, they kept in touch with each other. After Bela’s service time he began working with a computer company and they were married. They lived in North Carolina and Florida before moving to Georgia. They now live in Lawrenceville and are active members of the Lawrenceville First Baptist Church where Bela serves as a Deacon and Delores worked in the church office for years.



Bela has a beautiful garden in the yard of his Lawrenceville home and one of the best things that Bela does is to make homemade ice cream and have friends and neighbors in to enjoy this special treat.

The love that Bela and Delores have for each other is amazing. Their Christian commitment is evident in their devotion to God, the church and family. Delores and Bela spend many hours visiting with family and friends in the area where they live and we hope that they have many more years to garden, make ice cream and love each other.