Be on ALERT for impersonator claiming to work for Gwinnett County Water Resources

Gwinnett County does not send send employees to test water inside residents’ homes.

Gwinnett County Water Resources has received reports of a person claiming to work for a Gwinnett County lab attempting to enter homes.

The imposter is trying to gain access inside customers’ homes by offering to collect free lead and copper samples. Residents should be aware that the County does not send employees to test water inside residents’ homes.

Most of the failed attempts have been targeted towards Spanish-speaking families in the Norcross area.



While the Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources tests water quality around the clock, they won’t send employees inside customers’ homes to test the tap water.

If anyone claiming to be a Gwinnett County employee asks to take water samples from inside your home, please do not let them in. As always, if you feel unsafe or if someone is trying to break into your home, call 911.

Residents may call Water Resources’ 24-hour dispatch at 678.376.7000 with questions or concerns.