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A Defined Image Signature Laser Treatment

A Defined Image Med Spa is excited to announce our new A Defined Image (ADI) Signature Laser Treatment. By utilizing a combination of three laser techniques and energy concentrations, combined with a light microdermabrasion, our ADI Signature Laser Treatment will leave your skin looking smoother, vibrant and healthy.

Photo by Aerolase,Photorejuvination with Skin Tightening

The ADI Signature Laser Treatment includes Laser Facial Photo Rejuvenation, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Dark Spot Removal, Laser Facial Spider Vein Removal, and a light Microdermabrasion. Laser Facial Photo Rejuvenation is an overall smoothing and firming of the skin and skin tone improvement with the use of a general concentration of laser energy.  Removal of dark spots and facial spider veins require a more precise concentration of laser energy than general Photo Rejuvenation.  Dark spots often occur with aging and sun damage.  Dilation of facial veins may happen due to the breakdown and weakening of the collagen structure of the vein wall. They are often related to fair skin complexion, sun exposure, aging, and hormone therapy. Smaller veins are sometimes related to Rosacea. To intensify the results of skin tightening, an intermediate type of laser energy is required to concentrate into local areas of skin laxity. This increases energy to stimulate collagen of jowl line areas from the nose to mouth, and especially the deeper lines

Following the laser treatments a light microdermabrasion is used to smooth the outer most surface of the epidermis.

The combination of these laser treatments and light microdermabrasion is designed to smooth, firm, and tighten; assist in correcting acne and rosacea; remove dark spots; remove facial spider veins; even out skin tones; and stimulate collagen growth.

Skin Care Consultations are FREE at A Defined Image Med Spa and are required prior to treatment. During your consultation we identify your skin care goals and put together an appropriate treatment regime to correct areas of concern.

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