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A golfer’s guide to safer sun

A golfer’s guide to safer sun

By Joel S. Shavin, M.D.

Golf. What a great game. 

It’s a relaxing time with friends and family... a blissful day with co-workers and business associates. There’s clean fresh air amd happy sunshine.

 Wait. Did I say Sun? I know you love your golf, but do you love your skin? Does your Dermatologist nag you about excessive sun exposure?

Yes. I am a nag. And here I go again.

I’m sad to say that my golfers have more sun-related issues than almost any other group.

Those scaly, pink spots in sun-exposed areas are probably pre-cancerous. And what tabout those bumps or patches that don’t heal or occasionally bleed? They could be cancerous…most likely basal cell carcinoma oro squamous cell carcinoma.

What aobut that dark mole? It could be a melanoma.

There are effective treatments for all these problems… creams, surgery and newly engineered medications. But really guys and gals, wouldn’t prevention be preferable?

Wear your hat. Be sure to wear a substantial hat if your scalp has begun to thin. Use your sunscreen and reapply frequently. And don’t forget to protect your ears.

Have your Dermatotligist educate you on what to look for. The earlier you spot a problem, the easier it is to correct it. A thorough Annual Skin Exam is a must for sun-loving golfers.

OK. That’s enough nagging for now. So get out there on the golf course, and keep your eye on the ball…and your skin.

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