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A Guide to Accessorizing

A beautiful room includes great furniture, appropriate lighting, the right colors, and of course – the perfect accessories. Accessories add the finishing touch, and they can transform a so-so room into a space that feels flawlessly complete.

Joan Miller | The Blind Ladies

You will be able to choose the right accessories with ease if you follow this simple checklist.

In order for an accessory to “work” in a room, it needs to be in harmony with the mood of the space. That means that it evokes the same feelings. Is your room romantic? sleek? cozy? Make sure the accessory feels that way, too.

If you are looking for a piece to display on a large, high shelf, don’t choose something that is too small. It will just feel lost and incomplete. And a very large ornament will look ridiculous in a room of small, delicate pieces. Make sure that the accessory you choose harmonizes with the scale of the furniture that it will be relating to.

Does the color (or colors) of the accessory work in your room? Of course, it doesn’t have to match exactly, but make sure it blends nicely. Another option is to choose an accessory with a contrasting color. This can make a dramatic statement.

Do you love it?
This may seem obvious, but many homeowners get caught up in making sure that all of their decorating “works” and forget to make sure that they really love everything that is going in their home. Even if the accessory fits all the other criteria, if you don’t love it, put it back.

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