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A Sarah Care citizen

A Sarah Care citizen
By Ella Thomas

This summer I feel I have gotten the perfect summer “job”. Four days a week, I volunteer at Sarah Care, an adult day care facility for senior citizens who have Alzheimer’s Disease. I have been volunteering there for a year now. Before summer break, I was only able to work once a week, but it is so much more fun working more often.

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I feel like I am getting to know everyone there a little bit better. I work for only one to one and a half hours a day, but those times really are the highlight of my day. Every day when my brother (who also volunteers with me) and I walk through the door, everyone there always makes us feel so welcome. They are always doing something fun, like singing and dancing. Everyone is always having a great time. The atmosphere there is wonderful! 

At one point, they break into three groups, and the participants get to choose whether they want to do mind games, sports, or crafts. The sports they do include things like using pool noodles to hit balloons, corn-hole, and a game where they have five chances to throw a penny into the hole of a corn-hole board. Usually, I help out with crafts. We make things such as “fox gloves,” which are kitchen/gardening gloves decorated with flowers and ribbons. We also color themed pictures such as flip-flops for summer, and Father’s Day tool boxes. As for the mind games, we do things such as trivia and word scrambles.

Sometimes at Sarah Care, they have theme days. Just recently, they had 70’s day. Most everyone (including me) dressed up, and they had a 70’s singer performing for the participants. It was so much fun! Everyone was singing and dancing and having such a “groovy” time.

I have so many funny memories from Sarah Care. Everyone is so nice and funny, and they are always having a great time! I truly enjoy my time there, and it makes my summer 1000 times better!

On a completely different subject, I would like to correct something I put out last month. In my other article, I asked to e-mail any article suggestions, or any ideas for topics to an incorrect address. The correct e-mail address is And that’s everything with Ella! (for now…)

                                                                            ~ Ella