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A Teenage Holiday Season

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here, Christmas, New Years, whatever your holiday maybe! The festive season is approaching quickly. And this month I want to let you all into the world of a high schooler’s perspective on the holidays.

Soraya Bagheri

To begin the holiday season, we are first of all out of school! Which is hands down alone, something to be excited about regardless of the holidays. We get two weeks off of no exams, homework, study guides, and of course waking up at 6:30.

Right after being let out of school is Christmas! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday (besides the Fourth of July). Not just, because of the presents, but it’s the only time of the year that counts as a good excuse to put up lights, listen to my favorite, Michael Buble Christmas albums, watch Christmas movies, decorate the tree.

Along with some of my favorite parts of Christmas that I listed above, is the food. Christmas in my house comes with 2 of my most favorite meals of the year… besides Chick-fil-a! In the morning, my mom makes Christmas breakfast, and later that day is Christmas dinner.

When I was younger, just like every other kid, presents were the absolute best part of Christmas. However, as of now, just taking the time to spend time with family has become more special. In a fast and busy world, it’s hard to match everyone’s schedule to find a time to spend together. However, every Christmas Eve my family all meets in one house to eat, play board games, exchange gifts, and read The Christmas Story. It’s moments and times like those I’ve learned to value over the latest iPhone, clothes, shoes, whatever it may be.

As I said earlier, we only get two weeks off of school. In that time, I also like to spend time with my friends. Every year one of my closest friends has a Christmas party, and ever since elementary school, we have exchanged ornaments within the group of our friends, made some craft, and took pictures for Instagram of course! Along with the Christmas party, I love getting my friends together and going ice skating. My favorite place to go is Avalon in Alpharetta or the small ice rink in downtown Conyers. And last but not least… decorating gingerbread houses. It typically becomes a competition of who can decorate the best one. However, everyone’s usually ends in a complete mess!!

Moving on from Christmas is New Years. And for most high schoolers or any student, New Year’s not only starts the countdown for 2018 but for the days that we start school again. Just like everyone else, my friends and I spend the night waiting for the ball to drop and taking time to make new year resolutions. Within the final stretch of the break, I try to spend as much time as I can, getting the most sleep, and spending as much time with family and friend. Overall just enjoying the time spent away from school.

And just like that, the holiday season and break is over. And that’s what’s going around with the holiday season of teens! I wish everyone a safe holiday’s, and Merry Christmas!

Any questions, comments of recommendations email What Goes Around at: And that’s what’s going around! Soraya Bagheri is a freshman at Grayson High School.