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About Face Skin Care: Case Study

As we approach our 12th year in business, I have been delighted to see the wonderful results we have been able to help clients achieve at About Face Skin Care.  As many of you know, I was a surgical nurse in Plastic Surgery and had assisted in face lifting procedures for 6 years when my surgeons retired and About Face was born.  My goal over these years has been to provide the highest quality of noninvasive anti-aging treatments in the safest environment possible.  I have been fortunate to develop an excellent NonSurgical Facelift program that has kept clients consistently happy and youthful for many years.  I am also proud of the knowledgeable and caring staff that has helped me provide these services and guide clients in the right direction for anti-aging care.  I would like to share the treatment plan and results of a client that is just finishing up her program.

Terry Davis before (left) and after (middle). Far right: Terry enhanced her look with  a make up session by Sona for her upcoming daughter’s wedding.

I actually met Terry in a hair salon in May.  She was in the next chair and overheard me talking with a client about how thrilled she was with her results.  Terry was asking her stylist about me and soon the four of us were discussing anti-aging.  Terry later told me she felt she was at a low point.  She felt like her face had begun to feel “droopy” and “tired”.  Her daughter had planned her wedding for October 2013 and Terry knew that she wanted to do something to feel better about her appearance.  

We scheduled a consultation and discussed the options for brightening and tightening her face.  At 60, Terry had begun to lose muscle tone in her cheeks and in the eye area.  The skin was thinning and looking dull and her lips were “disappearing” and turning under.  While these are all very normal changes to see in the face, they are discouraging.  Most people don’t realize there are very noninvasive and easy fixes that will restore confidence and freshen the face.

The first step for Terry was a “bootcamp” of treatments we call the 180 NonSurgical Facelift, the most popular treatment program at About Face Skin Care.  

This series consists of 4 types of treatments that are completed over a 6 -week period of time addressing muscle tightness, skin tightness, skin exfoliation, and color correction.  Terry enjoyed this no-downtime approach that fit in easily with her work schedule.  By the end of this series, her cheeks were lifted and tightened, the skin was brighter and smoother; eyes were markedly tighter and looked less puffy.   And while these treatments dramatically turned back the clock and put a confident smile on Terry’s face, there were a couple of “tweaks” that were presented to her.  

Botox and Juvederm are products used to decrease creasing and restore volume.  Often, clients are terrified of the result after seeing many Hollywood beauties use too much, resulting in bloated lips and surprised eyebrows.  About Face Skin Care focuses on restoration of the face more than enhancement of particular features.  If frown lines are an issue or a client needs the entire brow area lifted, a conservative amount of Botox will be invaluable to quickly fix these areas.  Feathering lipstick and lip pleats can be addressed with a small amount of Juvederm around the lip area.  No one will notice bigger lips, but clients notice wonderful changes in the lower face with this minimal addition.  Terry decided these products were something she wanted to try, and a small amount of each was injected to the appropriate areas.

As Terry is getting ready for her daughter’s wedding this weekend, she stopped in for a makeover with our amazing makeup artist, Sona Martinez.  Terry couldn’t be happier with her appearance and we agree! It has been an honor to be a part of such an important time in her life.  This is one of the best things about my career.  

If you are interested in exploring About Face Skin Care and the options available to you, give us a call at 770-935-FACE (3223), or book online at  We offer a no pressure environment and a free consultation.  We look forward to meeting you!