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Agreement will Increase State Inmate Population in County Correctional Facility

(Lawrenceville, Ga., April 18, 2017) – The Gwinnett County Department of Corrections will soon see an increase in its inmate population – and the number of inmates assigned to work crews in the community – following an amendment to the contract with the Georgia Department of Corrections. 

 The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners agreed to increase the number of state inmates housed at the County prison from 158 to 222, effective May 1. The additional state-sentenced prisoners will enhance the work details currently helping in the community. The Gwinnett County Prison typically houses about 100 County-sentenced inmates and can house up to 512 inmates. The number of County inmates sentenced to the work camp has been on the decline since 2009, which created room to accommodate more state prisoners. The state pays the County $20 per inmate per day. 

Warden Darrell Johnson said, “Requests for work details to meet the needs of the community is constant and is increasing, so the timing of the agreement is a blessing.” 

The Gwinnett County Department of Corrections decreases the operating costs associated with lawn and grounds maintenance at county parks, fire stations, the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, and other government owned properties. In addition, inmate details pick up roadside litter, cover up gang related graffiti, and serve multiple municipalities and community improvement districts within the county.