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Alaina Hornsby Allstate Insurance… Serving the community

Alaina Hornsby Allstate Insurance… Serving the community
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

After several years in the insurance business, Allstate Agent, Alaina Hornsby is preparing to celebrate her 1st anniversary in the Allstate Office located at Sugarloaf Parkway at Old Johnson Road.

The location was specially selected for its proximity to the community in which she works, lives, and volunteers. As she began her own preparations for year-end checklists and updates, Alaina took a few moments to talk about the past year and reflect on all that had been accomplished. 

Because she is both an insurance agent and small business owner, Alaina is well aware of the challenges owning a business can present. One of the best aspects to her job is to help other small business owners understand the potential insurance coverage needs they might face while nurturing their small business into a successful endeavor.  “From auto and home protection to life and specialty insurance products, I can provide my clients with a wide variety of options”, says Alaina. “As a small business owner, I understand the importance of building a solid foundation for the future and developing long-lasting customer relationships.”

As the new year rolls in and Alaina plans her own continuing education, she is recommending that everyone give their current coverages a New Year’s checkup. “Life changes for everyone over the course of a year,” says Alaina. “Checking through an entire portfolio with an agent will help clients identify coverage gaps and options to extend limits beyond typical home and auto.” Alaina believes everyone should have as much coverage as they can afford and know what risks can be covered. “I encourage everyone to chat with an agent with regard to Georgia state minimums,” says Alaina. “What is offered with the online insurance sites isn’t always enough or what is best for individual or family coverages.” 

Included in her year-end planning is continuing to make time to volunteer with an organization dear to her heart. As a weekly volunteer at Parkwood Farms Therapy Center in Snellville, Alaina has found a place to renew her energies while serving others. “Parkwood offers therapeutic horseback riding lessons and sensory therapy,” says Alaina who recently accompanied Special Olympic athletes from Parkwood Farms to the equestrian Special Olympic events. *I got to help coach for practice and was a horse-handler & side-walker during the events.* says Alaina. “It was hard during the event because they are on their own and you can’t talk them through it-they did a great job!” Two years into her volunteer role, Alaina likes to encourage others to get involved with Parkwood. “I had little previous experience with horses when I started, but they provide training and are always in need of volunteers.” 

Whether she is working for her clients or volunteering for her own children or the clients at Parkwood Farms, Alaina is in tune with her community. As a Gwinnett native, it is important to Alaina to maintain a positive connection with her neighbors. “I have built many long-term relationships over the years and I look forward to developing many more in the future.” 

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