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Annual exams best strategy for long-term health

Annual exams best strategy for long-term health

“There is nothing more rewarding than hearing my patients tell me how they’ve improved their health since their last visit to me,” says Dinee M. Riley, M.D., an internal medicine specialist at Lilburn Internal Medicine.

While she takes time during each visit to offer advice on lifestyle changes that can improve their health, she says, “The real icing on the cake is when they come back to me with goals set, a plan developed and a determination to meet those goals.”

Riley chose to become a primary care provider because she believes in preventive care and educating patients so they can take steps to improve their health before they develop a chronic condition. “I also realize that everyone learns differently, so I use handouts on every health issue I discuss with patients,” she explains. The handouts reflect the information Riley discusses with patients in the office, but she admits that it is hard to remember everything a physician might say during a visit, and some people learn more easily by seeing information along with hearing it. “The science-based handouts are written in easy-to-understand language and give patients and their families an opportunity to review what was discussed.”

The most important step any person can take to ensure good health is an annual physical exam, points out Riley. “This gives a physician more time to talk with someone about their health and preventive screenings than we have during visits to treat an illness,” she says. “An annual exam also gives us a chance to identify symptoms that may not be causing a problem now but could lead to a need for medications in the future to treat diabetes or high blood pressure.”

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