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Annual Williams Reunion

William Pittman Williams was born in 1814 in Oglethorpe County and came to Gwinnett as a youth.  He married Elizabeth Weems at the age of 17.  William fathered eighteen children, ten with his first wife and eight with his second wife, Sarah Pogue.

Left to right: Dr. Hubert Tucker, Harold Williams and Wayne Mason

Five of his sons and two  sons-in-law served in the Confederate Army.  William Pittman served as a Notary Public and later for 30 years a Justice of the Peace for Cates  District.  He was a charter member of Mount Zion and Rock Springs Baptist Churches.  He died in 1884.

The descendants of William Pittman Williams have gathered in Snellville for their annual family reunion for 92 years. Sunday, July 17, 2016, at Summit Chase Country Club in Snellville was a special day of fellowship, food and fun for the Williams family.  Dr. Hubert Tucker of Lawrenceville presided over the reunion.  After the welcome and prayer, a buffet lunch was served.  A special recognition was given to Harold Williams, age 98, who has attended every reunion since the first in 1925.

Dressed in an American Revolutionary officer’s uniform, Bruce Maney, SAR, presented his program in etymology, the origin of words.

Musket, powder horn, blow gun, utensils, haversack, games and toys were some of the items on display depicting early America.

A memorial service was held in memory of those who had passed since the last reunion.

The 93rd William Pittman Williams reunion will be held on July 16, 2017 at Summit Chase Country Club.

Dr. Tucker closed the family meeting with readings from the Bible on faith, hope and love.