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April, 2016 is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Lilburn

Nancy Chilcoat and Linda Newton of the Lilburn Woman’s Club recently received a proclamation from Lilburn Mayor Crist declaring April, 2016, Child Abuse Prevention Month in Lilburn.

The Lilburn Woman’s Club is part of the largest women’s club in the world – the International Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC).

Nancy Chilcoat and Linda Newton with Lilburn Mayor Crist

Making a positive difference in our communities is the goal of both organizations. The Lilburn Woman’s Club (LWC) sometimes partners with other agencies, especially when the partner agency brings great knowledge to the partnership.  Prevent Child Abuse America is a national partner and LWC works with Prevent Child Abuse Georgia.

LWC Domestiv Violence Team at Lilburn Library 440The Lilburn Woman’s Club Domestic Violence Team at the Lilburn Library

PCA Georgia and LWC are working together to end the abuse of the most vulnerable among us – our children.  PCA Georgia applies research and engages people to advocate for children, increase awareness, spread knowledge of evidence-based prevention programs and supports communities in their efforts.  The pinwheel is reflective of the bright futures that all children deserve and serves as the brand symbol of Prevent Child Abuse America/Georgia.

Some information LWC has learned resulting from our relationship with PCA GA follows: 

Two wonderful Advocacy Groups work for the benefit of children – Barton Child Law and Policy Center and Voices for Georgia Children.  Sign up for updates during the Legislative Session so you can support their work.

Stop Child Sexual Abuse – Darkness to Light training; LWC members took classes from Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. The class is also available for a low cost online.

We learned more about early childhood development; you can learn as well by visiting

The Raising of America helps us learn more about how we can improve early childhood care and some of the consequences if we fail to do so. Visit:

Bookmark for Infant Safe Sleep190Several women in the Lilburn Woman’s Club attended the Child Fatality Review meeting in January which is under the auspices of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  We learned about the event from Voices for Georgia Children and heard from an outstanding panel. Learn more at . Our take-away was that many infants – as many as three per week, die as a result of poor sleep environments.  Our LWC Domestic Violence team has created a bookmark which contains the simple steps GBI says would stop these deaths.  Pick up a Safe Sleep for Infants bookmark. 

Let’s work together to support families and create a positive nurturing environment for all of our children.  And if you believe a child is in danger contact 1-800-Children – if the danger is imminent call 911.   Reporting child abuse is the law in Georgia.