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Are you ready for the big show?

Are you ready for the big show?
By Beth Volpert

It IS that time again. Time for me to take up my spot on the bleachers where I will watch my oldest one and his friends perfect music for the marching band and my youngest smack some hockey pucks around. From my vantage point, I am privileged to see so much that goes on during the fall season of sports, marching bands and general “back-to-school” life.

The kids are the players in an amazingly well-choreographed performance that primes the community for the annual menu of entertainment options that comes with the change of seasons. 

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Hours and hours of conditioning, planning and sweat go into the production that defines the first semester. Those involved in sports will have memorized plays and attended conditioning camps. The cheer teams will have worked through the summer competitions and maintained fitness. Band members will have kept up basic practices while waiting for the release of the “new show” music at band camp. The production is overseen by many, many dedicated teachers, coaches and volunteers. 

New York theater can’t possibly have as much dedication to a musical as do those who facilitate the events that surround the annual fall activity rituals that take place at area high schools and on carefully maintained athletic association fields. The money invested in parks and recreation in any given county is monumental and it is those parks and rec programs that feed the incredible southern passion that takes place on the gridiron each week. 

Each student brings something different from home. Some have full support, others may struggle, but the dance goes on each week with a host of spectators who bring all manner of cheer-gear and enthusiasm to the games. Tailgating, special sections and events tailored to extend fundraising and awareness are all brought about in a tremendous effort that appears, well…somewhat effortless due to the joy that is found within the community as the leaves begin to hint at a bit of color change and cooler nights descend.  

I will take my place in the bleachers keeping my eye on the game and my ears turned toward the rallying sounds of the band. No doubt our athletic director and principal will be on the sidelines dressed for competition and sharing in the rewards that come with the hard work of being in charge of a weekly event that comes with much expectation and anticipation for the entire community. No pressure guys, but GO TEAM! And for the community, there is something for everyone from sports to music and theater available. Head out to your local high school and enjoy the kids-they are the real stars in this seasonal production.
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